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Mexican stuffed pepper

Hey guys, guess what?

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Toronto Snow Day

In Winnipeg, this would be a pleasant excursion and keeping your speed a bit lower.

In Toronto, the city screeches to a halt.

Thomas wants to go cycling, just to prove that he can. I'm thinking snow fort.
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Just very quiet.

For maybe the fifth time, I hereby resolve to be more active on the interwebs. Recently received a nice affirmation, so maybe I'll have the oomph to be sociable.

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For my writer-type friends. I haven't used it, but I think I'll try it for my next large project. Maybe it will help me keep my characters' eye colour consistent.

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Still recovering from People-shock (so many people, so short of time, I'mma hide under the bed now). But I thought I'd send a shout-out with my love <3

Wedding was amazing--almost everyone dressed up, the weather was nice, the ceremony was short and Thomas was lovely.

Soon... soon I will catch up and get back to my usual, badgering self. Just need to finish a billion critiques =_=

In the meantime... Kissy face!!

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Holy frikkin frikkity frikk.

I'm married O_O

(Apologies for being absent for so long!! Will catch up soon!)
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So, because insomnia is slurping at my heels, I decided to catch up on some reading. And then write about it. Because it's a thing. That I do.

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Jun. 12th, 2012 10:55 pm
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Step One: Write a novel
Step Two: Edit novel
Step Three: Have close friends read novel
Step Four: Incorporate minor changes
Step Five: Query agents
Step Six: Realize with dawning horror that the main character has no past and no development, the minor characters are like cardboard cut-outs, and the Issues are glossed over with death-magic. The novel is arse. D:
Step Seven: Die.
Step Eight: Crawl out of grave, hunch over computer, install caffeine IV and re-write novel.
Step Eight-point-five: Ignore fiance, who complains, "Why do you always re-write your stuff?!"

Currently crawling out of the grave and wishing I could snatch my query away from any agent who might see it in all its arse-y glory.

*poses dramatically* I... will... persevere...
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So, I went to a workshop about publishing on the weekend. It was very, very good. The man who taught it is an editor/agent/teacher type fellow, very nice, tons of experience, and hilarious. His blog, Quick Brown Fox, is amazing as a resource. He also had a guest agent in to talk about what agents look for in a query and manuscript.

Cut for lengthy rambles and brambles.
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So, the to-do list grows, but so does the determination and the inspiration. Though, that may have as much to do with lack of sleep as anything else.

And, side question...

Is anyone out there interested in Dragon Age fanfiction?

Uh Oh.

Jun. 7th, 2012 12:36 pm
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I just realized that my antagonist is smarter than I am.

I feel like I'm playing chess against myself... And losing.

Sorry, protagonist. You're on your own.
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Thomas has a baby!!!


A bouncing baby sour dough starter, anyway. So far, Thomas has been a good father. He feeds it twice a day and talks to it and takes it for long walks in the park (Hey! Why doesn't he take ME for long walks in the park?!). He's a much better parent than I... When asked to feed his starter dough at one-ish last night, I refused (I was already snuggled in bed). His response: "One day you'll have to feed the children." To which I replied, "If I can't do it with my boobs, it's not worth doing." At that point he gave up on talking to me.

So today I decided that his baby needed a face.

sour dough happy

It kind of looks like Thomas had a love child with Spongebob Squarepants.

I'm not sure how I feel about that...

Except maybe that the starter needs a tie.

Happy starter with tie.
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Strangely lonely. Or maybe bored. Thomas is generally good company, but when I'm in a mood to discuss the current project (genie bound to some modern-day, depressed young adult, kind of dark and twisted, slightly an homage to 'Servant of the Bones', but, like, an S&M anime version), poor Thomas practically claps his long, fine-boned hands to his ears and starts singing to himself. I miss my peeps.

Maybe homesick for Winnipeg.

I just know I'd rather be talking to people or doing stuff than writing right now, and that's weird for me.

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Sooooooo... I totally had a head full of things to ramble about, but now it's tough to remember...

Cut for unimportant rambles.

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And, before I sign off... All Hail the Hypnotoad.

Not dead!

May. 1st, 2012 09:12 pm
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Just busy :P

Thomas and I moved to the other suite down here... It's smaller but has higher ceilings (Thomas was constantly bumping his head in the other place, poor 6'4" man), and a separate bedroom, so I think it will be nicer. It just meant that we needed to dispose of even more stuff (I feel like I've been down-sizing for the past three years).

My dad was also visiting from Friday to Monday for my birthday, which ended up being a lot of fun. We saw a comedy show, went to old Fort York, explored down town, explored some ethnic shops, and toured Casa Loma. So now I'm feeling a little wiped, both from the "AH! Social stuff!" and "AH! Apartment Tetris!" Also haven't written for days and days, which also runs a toll.

Friend Stax will be coming to visit on Thursday and I'm super stoked. There shall be romping about Toronto and a play at Stratford (including dinner with family and a tour of the theatre).

Will eventually get caught up with dreamwidth and lj. Though it might take a while. Heh.

*sends lots of lurve*


Day Two

Apr. 23rd, 2012 06:05 pm
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Hummus is love.

...And considerably more squishy than Thomas.



Apr. 22nd, 2012 12:50 pm
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For four days...



That means no one will know how much pr0n, caffeine and popcorn I consume. Mwahahahah.

Also. I hate writing sex. I need good sex music. Any sexy music recommendations out there?
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Dear Very Attractive Man on the Subway,

Thank you for sitting across from me and not complaining about my blatant ogling. Your silver and leather jewelry, long-fingered hands, chest tattoo, spiked hair, and proud Asian features were not lost on me. I never asked, but I'm fairly certain that that callous on your finger is a result of sword fighting with evil when the moon is full. The silver feathers dangling from your long, smooth neck are undoubtedly a magical artifact that summons your Star Gryphon to carry you to far off realms where you rescue flocks of nubile young men, women and tentacle beasts.

You made me very happy.

With much love,



In my mind, I pair attractive men with my fiance. Does that make me a bad person?

The answer, I think, is: "No, Janet, being a bad person makes you a bad person."

...But who would do the doing and who would be done? *ponders*
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I'm allergic to Toronto. And guinea pigs. But it's not the guinea pigs that irritate my lungs to the point where I attempt to faint during physical exercise. Which is embarrassing when I'm in a class with a whole range of fitness levels and I'm the only one on the floor, wheezing and heaving.

But now I have an elixir of sorts. It tastes like Vics and seems to help both Thomas and me. I went to a class yesterday and learned how to do a rear round house kick, which thrills me to no end, and had no breathing problems. Oh, happy day.

I kind of want to ask my kickboxing instructor to be my friend. We apparently live close together, and she's unemployed other than teaching, so maybe she'd like to come over and hit things with me...? (I am unashamed to admit that she is AWFULLY cute.)


What's my charm level... *tries to access character stats*

Oh wait. Real life.

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I know I've been ignoring you and there's no good excuse!

Though if you must blame someone, blame my sister and the Dragon Age that she introduced me to. Not only did I become way too obsessed with both games over the past few weeks, but I had a muse-stroke and wrote about 80 pages of DA2 fic over the weekend (with both a cat and a fiance struggling to get my attention). Which I firmly decided never to do. But it happened anyway.

Otherwise, the past month or so has gone thusly:

- Write 5 pages a day, damnit.
- Feed the Thomas.
- Go and kick-box the things (I have hand wraps, now! I kind of just want to wear them everywhere, in some delusion of BAMF-ery)
- Go and take Minutes
- Get a nasty email about overusing bullet points in the Minutes
- Jog the paths.
- Attempt boot camp and die.
- Experience mood swings. All of them. All at the same time.
- Go to Niagara Falls and stay at the extremely fancy B&B, because I had a Groupon (most things in life, I do because I have a Groupon)
- Cook things I probably shouldn't.
- Watch Dr Who.
- Go drinking with people from the East Coast.
- Make pasta.
- Feel guilty about not being online.
- Skype with family.

Can't seem to fit words together in any kind of narrative fashion; I think something in my head is busted. I guess this is a good time to catch up on housework, which is nearly as neglected as the internet.

And I have the strange compulsion to dance.

Well, maybe not that strange.
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